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Support for FBI Virus
FBI virus is a ransom ware which forces the computer user to believe that user has committed some online crime and due to this his computer is locked. This disgusting virus demands the penalty of $100 to $200 to relieve the user from the illegal activity which has been done from his computer. This FBI virus has been designed in such a way that any layman computer user can be victimized and lose $100 to $200 easily. This virus cannot be removed by any antivirus or detected by any software because it directly hits the registry and blocks everything on your computer. This virus also suggests if money not paid through moneypak cards then the user can be jailed. This virus can only be removed by expert and certified technicians manually. So be prepared or you can live with this risky virus which be may be spreaded to other users through your computer but still this virus won’t let you do anything at all. 

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