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Registered Address: Garden Cottage, Highland Road, Beare Green, Dorking, Surrey, England. RH5 4RL. Registered in England 07610584, VAT No. 114959400.
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Refund Policy
At Barewire we do not charge your credit card until the work has been completed by our online technical support technician. Once the work is completed there is a 30 day guarantee on the work that was completed. If the original problem returns you may contact us within 30 days and we will look at your PC and attempt to fix the original problem. If we fail to fix the original problem then we will refund your original charge to you any time within the 30 day period however you must submit your refund claim to us via email to stating the reason for claim. All claims must be received within 30 day period which commences on invoice payment date. All refund claims will be reviewed and responded to within 3 days and all valid claims will be processed within 14 days of being received.
If the original work was a virus or malware removal and the same virus returns within 30 days we will remove the virus again at no additional charge. If a new virus is contracted during the 30 day period there will be a new virus removal cost if you elect to have us remove the malware.

At Barewire we are always fair and will work with you to make sure you are a satisfied customer regardless of the 30 day guarantee.
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